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ActiLymph Extra Firm Compression Knee High Stocking


Extra Firm (34-46mmHg) compression

Learn about compression levels

  • European Class 3 (34-46 mmHg)
  • Medical grade extra firm compression
  • Made from 58% Nylon, 42% Elastane
  • Latex free
  • Comfortable, graduated compression assists blood flow up the legs and helps to prevent swelling
  • The knee high stockings are attractive, silky and easy to wear
  • A knee high stocking is as effective as a longer thigh length for most conditions

By using a combination of high quality yarns and technology ActiLymph delivers the correct compression levels and fabric stiffness needed to manage lymphoedema, conforms well to the limb shape providing correct support, climate and comfort - while managing limb swelling.

The range available on Drug Tariff and to buy will enable more people with Lymphoedema and lymphovenous disease to be treated and for their quality of life to improve.

NOTE: If you are new to wearing compression therapy, we advise you to be assessed and measured by your GP or pharmacist.

Always read the in-pack leaflet prior to commencing use of compression therapy

Composition: 58% Nylon, 42% Elastane

Buying options

Sizing and measuring

Actiymph hosiery measurement diagram

A size indicator can be found by a coloured thread in the stocking

Size Small Medium Large XL XXL
G wide topband 57-66cm 61-72cm 66-80cm 74-90cm N/A
G regular topband 48-56cm 50-60cm 53-66cm 57-73cm 61-80cm
C 31-39cm 31-41cm 35-44cm 39-48cm 44-52cm
B 19-21cm 22-23cm 23-27cm 27-32cm 32-37cm
LZ 22-28cm 22-28cm 22-28cm 22-28cm 22-28cm
Style Leg length (LD) Foot length (LZ)
Below knee Petite <38cm 22-25cm
Standard >38cm 22-28cm

Ordering codes

Toe Size Length Orientation Colour Pip-Code NHS Code Ref
Open Small Standard Sand 317-3895 EGD538 88437
Open Medium Standard Sand 317-3903 EGD539 88438
Open Large Standard Sand 317-3911 EGD540 88439
Open X Large Standard Sand 317-3929 EGD541 88440