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ActiLymph Hosiery Kit


Extra Firm (34-46mmHg) compression

Learn about compression levels

  • Hosiery kits can be used as a first line treatment for venous leg ulcers safely, effectively and with lower rates of recurrence
  • Liners provide low compression when it is clinically indicated

The ideal alternative to traditional bandages. Choose the ActiLymph Hosiery Kit Below Knee Stocking and Liner for the effective prevention and treatment of leg ulcers.

With extra firm compression of 40 mmHg, the hosiery kit gives you the freedom you need to get on with your everyday life without having to worry about reapplying bulky or insecure bandages. And while they give you the guaranteed compression level you need, you can still wear normal footwear.

The ActiLymph Hosiery Kit is a combination of a 10mmHg under liner and European Standard Class 2 compression level below knee stocking, worn together to support leg ulcer healing.

NOTE: If you are new to wearing compression therapy, we advise you to be assessed and measured by your GP or pharmacist.

Always read the in-pack leaflet prior to commencing use of compression therapy

Composition: 90% Nylon, 10% Elastane

Buying options

Sizing and measuring

ActiLymph leg ulcer hosiery kit measurement diagram

A size indicator can be found by a coloured thread in the stocking

Size Small Medium Large XL XXL
C 31-39cm 31-41cm 35-44cm 39-48cm 44-52cm
B 19-21cm 22-23cm 23-27cm 27-32cm 32-37cm
LZ 22-28cm 22-28cm 22-28cm 22-28cm 22-28cm
Style Leg length (LD) Foot length (LZ)
Below knee Standard >38cm 22-28cm

Ordering codes

Toe Size Length Orientation Colour Pip-Code NHS Code Ref
Closed Medium Standard Black/Sand 387-0763 EGD8294 32845
Closed Medium Standard Sand/White 374-6914 EGD7315 31790
Closed Large Standard Black/Sand 387-0771 EGD8295 32846
Closed Large Standard Sand/White 374-6922 EGD7316 31791
Closed X Large Standard Black/Sand 387-0789 EGD8296 32847
Closed X Large Standard Sand/White 374-6930 EGD7317 31792
Closed XX Large Standard Black/Sand 387-0797 EGD8297 32848
Closed XX Large Standard Sand/White 374-6948 EGD7318 31793