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Activa Liner


Light (10-17mmHg) compression

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  • Activa Liners (10mmHg)
  • Made from 90% Nylon, 10% Elastane

Activa liners provide 10mmHg light compression for maintenance therapy, palliative care and for patients non concordant with higher levels of compression. Activa Liners are often layered by wearers who find the lower levels of compression easier to put on. For example two 10mmHg liners would provide 20mmHg* compression. Liners can also be worn under compression stockings to provide higher levels of compression. For example one 10mmHg liner worn below an Activa British Standard 14-17mmHg garment would provide 25mmHg* compression. The liner forms part of the Activa hosiery kits used to treat venous leg ulcers.

NOTE: If you are new to wearing compression therapy, we advise you to be assessed and measured by your GP or pharmacist.

Always read the in-pack leaflet prior to commencing use of compression therapy

Composition: 90% Nylon, 10% Elastane

Buying options

Sizing and measuring

Activa leg ulcer hosiery kit measurement diagram

A size indicator can be found by a coloured thread in the stocking

Size Small Medium Large XL XXL
B 30.5 – 37.5cm 33 – 40cm 35.5 – 43cm 38 – 46cm 40 – 49cm
C 19.5 – 25.5cm 21.5 – 27.5cm 22.5 – 29.5cm 23 – 32cm 23.5 – 34cm
D 20.5 – 24cm 23 – 26cm 25.5 – 29.5cm 26.5 – 32.5cm 26.5 – 32.5cm

Ordering codes

Toe Size Length Orientation Colour Pip-Code NHS Code Ref
Closed Small Standard Black 387-0805 EGD8265 32840
Closed Medium Standard Black 387-0813 EGD8266 32841
Closed Large Standard Black 387-0821 EGD8267 32842
Closed X Large Standard Black 387-0839 EGD8268 32843
Closed XX Large Standard Black 387-0847 EGD8269 32844
Closed Small Standard Sand 326-9750 EGD147 88326
Closed Medium Standard Sand 326-9768 EGD264 88327
Closed Large Standard Sand 326-9776 EGD265 88328
Closed X Large Standard Sand 326-9784 EGD266 88329
Closed XX Large Standard Sand 326-9792 EGD268 88330
Closed Small Standard White 311-8767 EGD251 88321
Closed Medium Standard White 311-8775 EGD250 88322
Closed Large Standard White 311-8783 EGD249 88323
Closed X Large Standard White 311-8791 EGD248 88324
Closed XX Large Standard White 311-8809 EGD241 88325
Open Small Standard Sand 340-3557 EGD569 88331
Open Medium Standard Sand 340-3565 EGD570 88332
Open Large Standard Sand 340-3573 EGD571 88333
Open X Large Standard Sand 340-3581 EGD573 88334
Open XX Large Standard Sand 340-3599 EGD572 88335