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Adore Moderate Compression Thigh High Stocking


Moderate (18-24mmHg) compression

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  • European Class 1 (18-21mmHg)
  • Medical grade moderate compression
  • Available in two colour options, black and natural tan
  • These thigh high stockings have a silky feel and a sheer finish
  • Thigh length has an attractive patterned grip top
  • Independently wash tested to deliver graduated compression for 100 washes

High tech compression hosiery for healthy legs. AdoreĀ® is our European Class hosiery range with exceptional appearance and comfort whilst providing ideal graduated compression for the prevention and management of venous and lymphatic disease progression.

Developed using advanced knitting technology and hand finished with care, AdoreĀ® provides exceptional appearance and comfort to help you feel and look great.

NOTE: If you are new to wearing compression therapy, we advise you to be assessed and measured by your GP or pharmacist.

Always read the in-pack leaflet prior to commencing use of compression therapy

Buying options

Ordering codes

Toe Size Length Orientation Colour Pip-Code NHS Code Ref
Closed Small Standard Black 407-4746 107095
Closed Small Standard Natural Tan 407-4704 107095
Closed Medium Standard Black 407-4753 107093
Closed Medium Standard Natural Tan 407-4712 107092
Closed Large Standard Black 407-4761 107091
Closed Large Standard Natural Tan 407-4720 107090
Closed X Large Standard Black 407-4779 107097
Closed X Large Standard Natural Tan 407-4738 107096