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Debrisoft Pad

  • Removes dead skin cells and dry skin
  • Cleans the wound bed and removes loose debris
  • Picks up surface bacteria and cleans the skin
  • Gentle on skin and wounds and does not harm healthy skin cells

Debrisoft benefits from monofilament fibre technologyâ„¢. Each fibre is cut and angled at different lengths designed to lift, bind and remove bacteria, skin cells and barriers to wound healing. The technology is widely used in the NHS and is recommended by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence.

How to use:

  1. Remove all emollients
  2. Moisten the pad with small amount of tap water
  3. With gentle pressure use circular motions or long sweeping strokes for at least 2 minutes

Ordering codes

Toe Size Length Orientation Colour Pip-Code NHS Code Ref
Square 10cm x 10cm 358-1287 ELZ963 34321
Rectangle 13cm x 20cm 409-0351 ELZ964 34323