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ReadyWrap Gauntlet

Adjustable () compression

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  • The Gauntlet provides adjustable support for your wrist and hand
  • Left and right designs naturally contour your hand
  • Built-in padding for palm and dorsum ensures consistent compression over bony areas

ReadyWrap Gauntlet is a flexible compression garment that supports venous and lymphatic conditions in your writ and hand. It is designed to overlap the ReadyWrap Arm garment to reduce gapping and provide support over a larger area. Easy to use, colour-coded VELCRO® fasteners make it easy to put on and to take off.

NOTE: If you are new to wearing compression therapy, we advise you to be assessed and measured by your GP or pharmacist.

Always read the in-pack leaflet prior to commencing use of compression therapy

Composition: 61% Nylon, 33% Polyurethane, 6% Elastane (Spandex)

Ordering codes

Toe Size Length Orientation Colour Pip-Code NHS Code Ref
Large Beige 385-7497 EGD8424 104486
Large Black 385-7570 EGD8425 104487
Medium Beige 385-7471 EGD8426 104488
Medium Black 385-7554 EGD8427 104489
Small Beige 385-7463 EGD8428 104490
Small Black 385-7539 EGD8429 104491
X-Large Beige 385-7513 EGD8430 104492
X-Large Black 385-7596 EGD8431 104493
Large Beige 385-7505 EGD8432 104494
Large Black 385-7588 EGD8433 104495
Medium Beige 385-7489 EGD8434 104496
Medium Black 385-7562 EGD8435 104497
Small Beige 385-7455 EGD8436 104498
Small Black 385-7547 EGD8437 104499
X-Large Beige 385-7521 EGD8438 104500
X-Large Black 385-7604 EGD8439 104501