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Can compression garments lose effectiveness?

Compression socks or tights can lose effectiveness over time.

If you have a leg condition and have been prescribed compression, it is important to wear it every day to get the maximum benefit.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak social distancing is essential, and you may also be shielding. This may mean that you have not been able to access services as normal. 

But, it is important that you try to continue to take care of your legs. Re-ordering your compression socks or stockings when necessary is really important as it keeps your compression at the optimum level in order to provide the most effective treatment. If you ring your GP or healthcare professional they will be able the discuss the best and safest way to get a repeat prescription for your compression. 

Why might my compression hosiery lose its effectiveness?

Compression is specially made and designed to deliver the required amount of compression, however they can lose effectiveness and not support your veins properly.  

The main reason that your compression may not be as effective is that you have had the same pair(s) for longer than 6 months* (* worn daily and based on 2 pairs - one to wash, one to wear).

Please contact your GP, healthcare professional or pharmacist to discuss if you require a repeat prescription, if you have concerns about your legs or feet or if you have any queries or questions about your compression hosiery.

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