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Activa® Compression Liner

Light compression that aids good blood flow and promotes healthier legs

These British Standard stockings are comfortable and light to wear. The liner can be worn as light support on it's own or as part of your Leg Ulcer Hosiery Kit.

The silky liner material can enable the top stocking to slip easily over your leg as part of your hosiery kit.

This liner pack comes in a pack of three to support having extra pairs as part of your self care routine.

  • Comfortable

    Silky soft and easy to wear

  • A variety of colours and styles

    Including open and closed toe

  • Boosts your natural blood flow

    Whilst looking and feeling great

  • Latex free

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Activa Liners

10mmHg compression • From £35.00 for a pack of 3

Activa Liners Liners order codes
10mmHg compression

Order Codes
Small 387-0805 EGD9427 32840
Medium 387-0813 EGD9428 32841
Large 387-0821 EGD9429 32842
Xlarge 387-0839 EGD9430 32843
Xxlarge 387-0847 EGD9431 32844
Order Codes
Small 326-9750 EGD9422 88326
Medium 326-9768 EGD9423 88327
Large 326-9776 EGD9424 88328
Xlarge 326-9784 EGD9425 88329
Xxlarge 326-9792 EGD9426 88330
Order Codes
Small 311-8767 EGD9417 88321
Medium 311-8775 EGD9418 88322
Large 311-8783 EGD9419 88323
Xlarge 311-8791 EGD9420 88324
Xxlarge 311-8809 EGD9421 88325

How to apply

How to apply compression hosiery

Very good! I had swollen ankles before and since wearing the liners I no longer have swollenk ankles. My discoloration at my ankles has also improved.

Compression wearer

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ActiGlide Application Aid Application Aid order codes
Compression garment application aid

Size Order Codes
Standard 284-5196 EUE049 88320

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Cellona Shoe Shoe order codes
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Size Order Codes
Children Petite 30.5 385-9469 CVL126 16471
Children XS 30.5 - 36 385-9451 CVL127 16472
Adult S 36 - 39 385-9477 CVL169 16473
Adult M 39 - 41 385-9485 CVL168 16474
Adult L 41 - 43 385-9493 CVL167 16475
Adult XL 43 - 47 385-9501 CVL166 16476

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Common questions

Can the liners be machine washed?

Yes, up to 40 degrees but must not be tumble dried. The liner will maintain its compression for 100 washes. After 3 months of wear a new prescription is required.

Can I sleep in the liners?

Yes, you can. The hosiery can be worn for a week at a time. If the liner is being used with another stocking or other liner, then wearers sometimes remove the top stocking at night and reapply it first thing in the morning.

Why are there three liners in the compression Liner Pack?

One to wash, one to wear and one spare (a wash, a wear and a spare) based on one leg.

If they are being worn on both legs then it is advised that 2 packs of liners are required to have a sufficient amount for washing and wearing.

Essential information

  • If you are new to wearing compression therapy, changing the type or Class of your garment or have any existing medical conditions we advise that you are assessed and measured by a suitably trained healthcare professional.

  • Always read the in-pack information leaflet prior to commencing use of the product.