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A helping hand to support you to easily apply your compression at home, supporting self and shared care.

Compression hosiery can sometimes be difficult to put on, particularly if you have limited mobility or hand movement.

ActiGlide is specifically for people who need that extra helping hand. ActiGlide allows your compression tights, socks, stockings and arm sleeves to glide effortlessly up your limb.

ActiGlide is suitable for compression tights, socks, stockings and armsleeves, including closed toe, open toe, below knee and thigh length range.

  • Supports easier application

    Helps you with the application of compression socks and stockings

  • Can be used with any style

    Compression tights, socks, knee and thigh length compression hosiery and armsleeves

  • Works with arm compression

    Including all types of arm sleeves

  • Long lasting and durable

    Can be used again and again

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ActiGlide Application Aid

Compression garment application aid

ActiGlide Application Aid Application Aid order codes
Compression garment application aid

Size Order Codes
Standard 284-5196 EUE049 88320

How to use ActiGlide®

How to use ActiGlide®

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Common Questions

How do you wash ActiGlide®?

ActiGlide® can be wiped clean using a damp cloth.

Is ActiGlide® available on prescription?

Yes, the ActiGlide® is available on prescription and is available from pharmacies.

Is the ActiGlide® just for below knee stockings?

The ActiGlide® can be used to help apply thigh length, below knee hosiery and tights. ActiGlide® is also suitable for both closed and open toe garments. The ActiGlide® also works with armsleeves.