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2-way Stretch Tubular Retention Bandage

The 2-way stretch gives you improved conformability and can reduce unnecessary wastage.

The bandage is extremely versatile and can be used as a bandage liner to ease the problem of contact sensitivity, in the wet wrapping technique, to secure, cover and retain dressings or to keep ointments in place.

Available in 6 sizes to accommodate infant limbs up to an extra-large adult trunk

  • Easy to apply

    Easy to apply and can be cut to size and shape

  • Safe to use

    The ActiFast® range is safe to use where compression is not appropriate

  • Comfortable to wear

    2 way stretch ensures the bandage conforms well to the limb and can reduce unnecessary wastage

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2-way stretch tubular retention bandage

ActiFast ActiFast ActiFast order codes

Size Order Codes
1m 290-5750 EGP005 88588
10m 292-4298 EGP090 88587
3m 285-6565 EGP085 88580
5m 285-6573 EGP086 88581

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Cellona Cellona Shoe Shoe order codes

Size Order Codes
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Adult M 39 - 41 385-9485 CVL168 16474
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