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Cellona® Shoe

Cellona® Shoe is an adjustable shoe for those who cannot wear normal footwear.

Cellona® Shoe is suitable for people with bandaged lower limbs and feet, who can no longer wear their normal footwear. The shoe is sturdy with a non-slip design providing stability and comfort.

Wearing Cellona® Shoe helps you to get back to the things you love while protecting and maintaining your bandages.

Available in sizes from child's size 7.5 to men's size 13 - can be worn on either foot. The Cellona® Shoe is designed to be used for up to 6 months.

  • Suitable for cold or warm weather

    With closed-toe or open-toe options

  • Easy to put on and fully adjustable

    Due to hook and loop fastenings

  • Wrap-around material

    Fits even the most heavily bandaged limbs

  • Can be worn on either foot

    Available for adults and children

  • Hardwearing and water-resistant

    And non-slip for safety

Essential information

  • If you are new to wearing compression therapy, changing the type or Class of your garment or have any existing medical conditions we advise that you are assessed and measured by a suitably trained healthcare professional.

  • Always read the in-pack information leaflet prior to commencing use of the product.

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Cellona Shoe

Bandaged limb shoe replacement

Cellona Shoe Shoe order codes
Bandaged limb shoe replacement

Size Order Codes
Children Petite 30.5 385-9469 CVL126 16471
Children XS 30.5 - 36 385-9451 CVL127 16472
Adult S 36 - 39 385-9477 CVL169 16473
Adult M 39 - 41 385-9485 CVL168 16474
Adult L 41 - 43 385-9493 CVL167 16475
Adult XL 43 - 47 385-9501 CVL166 16476

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Common Questions

Is the Cellona® Shoe available on prescription?

Yes, the Cellona® shoe is available on prescription.

Can the Cellona® Shoe be washed?

The shoe is hardwearing, water-resistant and can be washed by hand at 30 C. Do not tumble dry.

How long can the Cellona® Shoe be worn before it needs to be replaced?

The Cellona® shoe is designed to be used for up to 6 months.

Is the Cellona® Shoe left/right specific?

No, each Cellona® Shoe can be worn on either the right or left foot.