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Healthy legs and feet

Benefits of compression

Compression socks, tights and adjustable wraps apply graduated compression to the foot and ankle to improve venous return to the heart and prevent backflow of blood.

Why should you wear compression therapy?

  • Compression therapy has been proven to help prevent and manage leg ulcers

  • Compression therapy effectively reduces and contains swelling in the limbs (such as chronic oedema/swelling of the legs)

  • Compression therapy has been proven to prevent venous disease progressing, so if you currently do have some spider veins/varicose veins ensure you wear your compression*

  • Compression therapy supports your tired, achy legs and reduces pain

  • Ensure you wear your compression whilst flying as it has been proven to minimise the risk of DVT

  • Compression therapy helps to manage swelling in the legs when pregnant

*If you’re new to compression or have concerns about your legs or feet, please talk to your GP, nurse or pharmacist for further advice on whether compression might be suitable for you.   

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