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Slow Cooker Sausage Casserole

For those slower autumn days

How is a leg ulcer diagnosed?

Find out more about leg health assessments and treatment options

Meet the healthcare team

Meet the team that may help you take care of your legs and support you towards healing

What happens when my leg ulcer heals?

Leg health and care is a continuous journey, even after healing

Leg elevation to reduce limb swelling

Discover the health benefits of putting your legs up

Staying cool during the summer

Increased heat and humidity can make your limb swell leaving you feeling uncomfortable

Healthy Thai Green Curry Recipe

Indulge in this delicious curry without the calories associated with the takeaway

What can I do to better manage my lymphoedema?

Part 2 of our guest blog with Physiotherapist and Lymphoedema Practitioner, Lady Lymphoedema

What is lymphoedema?

Part 1 of our guest blog with Physiotherapist and Lymphoedema Practitioner, Lady Lymphoedema

Do you suffer from tired, achy legs?

If you experience heavy and achy legs at the end of the day, you could be at risk of developing venous disease.

Angie's story

Angie was faced with the terrifying prospect of losing her leg all because of a set of common symptoms that many people often ignore

Julia's story

An operation on Julia's lower right leg left her with an open wound that wouldn't heal

Shaun's story

An insect bite in Namibia left Shaun unable to walk and living in his car

What is venous disease?

Venous disease occurs when your leg veins become damaged and don’t allow blood to flow back up towards your heart.

Adopting a self care skin care routine: top tips from a clinician

Taking care of your skin from home, tips from expert Andy Kerr

Compression solutions for self care

Self care compression options allow you to take control over your leg health and squeeze more time in to do the things that you love.

How to fight fatigue when travelling

Whether its long distance or short distance travelling has a way of making us feel exhausted. Find out how to reduce this feeling of fatigue.

Squeeze Skin Care In

Adopting a skin care routine is important, especially if you have a leg ulcer or lower limb condition. Expert Andy Kerr, talks us through why and how.