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Cellacare® Materna Pregnancy Support belt

Pregnancy belt to support your back and spine during pregnancy.

Feel the relief with our Pregnancy Support belt

Our pregnancy support belt is a must-have for expecting mums.

Our support belt, designed by clinical experts, helps relieve everyday pregnancy aches. Made from soft, breathable, robust materials, our pregnancy belt is a great way to lift the weight of your bump. This relieves pressure in your back and eases discomfort caused by your growing bump, helping you feel more like yourself!

  • Support where you need it

    Abdominal and back support

  • Stay active for longer

    Helps you maintain good posture while helping relieve pregnancy aches and pains

  • Designed for a comfier pregnancy

    Embrace each day with strength and comfort

  • Easy to customise to your shape

    Easily adjustable band that grows with you

Cellacare® Materna Comfort

Relieve pain in the lumbar spine and sacroiliac region during pregnancy, caused by the growing baby placing strain on the muscles and changing posture.

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Cellacare® Materna Support

Maternity Orthosis/Support belt • £59.99

Cellacare® Materna Support Materna Support order codes
Maternity Orthosis/Support belt

Size Order Codes
Small - - 129-901
Medium - - 129-902
Large - - 129-903
Xtra Large - - 129-904

How to apply Cellacare Materna Comfort

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