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Whether you are having a wonderful pregnancy and want to share in the joy of others' experiences or need a little helping hand to navigate the journey, this is the place to hear the stories and expert tips to support you through this amazing time.

Meet the Expert - Amongst guest stories from mums, Julia will share her insights and advice each month on a range of pregnancy health matters.

I'm Julia Walder, and when I grew up, I wanted to be Jayne Torvill. But I have no dance ability and didn't have access to an ice rink, so I became a midwife instead! However, I fell off a horse and broke my back. So, I left midwifery and eventually became a holistic therapist focusing on women’s well-being and specialising in perinatal care.

I offer pregnancy & postnatal massage treatments, abdominal scar therapy, and therapeutic massage.

I am also addicted to learning and have a personal thirst for knowledge, so I am up to date with all the latest information.