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Choosing the right compression

Compression therapy supports the veins in your legs by aiding the return of blood to your heart, through graduated pressure on the limbs. Modern compression socks and tights use lightweight, comfortable yarns, virtually impossible to tell apart from regular socks and tights. We advise you to be assessed and measured for compression by your GP, nurse or pharmacist.

Different levels of compression are used depending on the severity of condition and degree of venous disease.

Extra Light/Light compression

Perfect for travellers, pregnant mums, those who sit or stand all day and to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis during long distance travel. Light compression will provide fast relief for anyone experiencing tired, achy legs or mild swelling.

Moderate compression

Moderate compression provides graduated levels of compression for medium severity varicose veins, prevention of venous leg ulcers. It can also prevent the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis in higher risk groups during long distance travel.

Firm compression

Firm compression provides effective management of chronic venous insufficiency and eases away the pain and discomfort of severe varicose veins and chronic leg ulcers. Firm compression can also be used in the prevention of leg ulcer recurrence.

Extra Firm

Extra firm provides strong compression for the treatment of severe oedema and lymphoedema.


Adjustable compression helps support venous and lymphatic conditions.

*If you’re new to compression or have concerns about your legs or feet, please talk to your GP, nurse or pharmacist for further advice on whether compression might be suitable for you.

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