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A soft and gentle tool that is used to remove the dead skin cells and bacteria from your leg to support healthy legs and wound healing.

Help promote a healing environment by gently and softly removing bacteria, dead skin and other barriers which prevent your wound from healing.

Debrisoft® benefits from monofilament fibre technology™. Each soft fibre is cut and angled at different lengths designed to lift, bind and remove bacteria.

  • Clinically approved

    The entire Debrisoft® range is recommended by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

  • Self-Care

    Debrisoft® can be used as part of your self care routine at home

  • Gentle on skin and wounds

    Debrisoft® does not harm healthy skin

  • Reach difficult or smaller areas

    With the Debrisoft® Lolly

Essential information

  • Always read the in-pack information leaflet prior to commencing use of the product.

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Debrisoft Pad

Wound debridement

Debrisoft Pad Pad order codes

Size Order Codes
10 x 10 358-1287 ELZ963 34321
13 x 20 409-0351 ELZ964 34323

Debrisoft Lolly

Wound debridement

Debrisoft Lolly Lolly order codes

Size Order Codes
5 x 1.9 x 15.2 398-5124 ELZ728 33224

How to use Debrisoft

Safely cleaning the wound and surrounding skin

93% patient satisfaction


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Common Questions

Who can use Debrisoft®?

Debrisoft® can be used by clinicians and also patients/carers

How many times can you use Debrisoft®?

Debrisoft® is a single use product and should be discarded after one use. A different Debrisoft® pad/lolly should be used when debriding different wounds. It should not be left on the wound as a dressing

What are the pack sizes?

Debrisoft® comes in packs of 5

How long should you use Debrisoft® for at each use?

To get the most out of Debrisoft® it should be used for at least 2 minutes – 4 minutes, however, a larger wound or limb may require a longer time.