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Embracing Motherhood: My Journey through Pelvic Girdle Pain and the Support That Saved Me

My journey into one of empowerment and support.

Becoming a mother is a transformative experience, one that shapes us in ways we often cannot predict. For me, it began in my early twenties when I welcomed my first two children into the world. The challenges of young motherhood were familiar territory, but as the years went by, I found myself embarking on a new journey at the age of 37, and this pregnancy would prove to be different in ways I had never anticipated.

From the moment I discovered I was expecting, I couldn't help but notice that my growing bump seemed a little larger than usual. By the time I reached the 24-week mark, I was introduced to an unexpected companion on this pregnancy voyage: Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP). As a full-time working mom and the dedicated "mum taxi" for my 15-year-old son and 16-year-old daughter, who had packed schedules filled with dance and karate classes six days a week, the once-simple act of walking became a daily struggle. I was determined to continue being the active and engaged mother they knew, so I decided to seek help.

Me and my 15-year-old son and 16-year-old daughter

My doctor's diagnosis of Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) was a turning point. She recommended a maternity support band and referred me for physiotherapy. She even suggested a unique solution that involved my husband standing behind me, wrapping his arm around me to hold up my bump, instantly relieving the pressure on my pelvic area. It was like heaven! This interaction confirmed my need for the support band, and within a week, I began using it.

With my newfound support system in place, I was able to continue being the "busy mom" I aspired to be. Dance and karate classes, shows, and competitions continued to be a part of our lives until my baby boy arrived at 39 weeks. The difference the support band made on my lower back and pelvic area was nothing short of phenomenal. But beyond the physical relief, it brought me newfound mental strength and the ability to truly enjoy the remainder of my pregnancy. No longer did my husband have to stand behind me, holding up my bump. The support band had become my reliable partner on this unforgettable journey through motherhood.

Written by Simone Etienne-Ralley