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Squeeze Movement and Exercise In

Paul Grayson, former professional rugby union player, shares what squeezing movement in means to him.

We asked Squeeze In ambassador Paul Grayson why he thinks squeezing movement in is important...

“What a strange and scary time we have all experienced over the last few months as we’ve tried to cope with the unwelcome guest that is Covid-19. A whole nation in lockdown with the freedoms and conveniences we have taken for granted for so long no longer available to us. I must admit I have found it quite difficult. As bad as things have been however it has given us pause for thought and made us consider how we can help those who need it the most, people who are vulnerable, poorly, the young and the old and of course our fabulous healthcare professionals.

One abiding feature of the early part of lockdown was the emergence of Joe Wicks on BBC television leading PE lessons for young children to do in their living rooms. Exercise is so important for us all but watching the kids in their millions tune in and join in was inspiring to me in two ways.

Firstly, children love to move and the simple fact they were not allowed to leave home was not going to stop them!

Secondly, they don’t consider all the benefits of movement or have to be told why they should move they just know it makes them feel good and it’s fun.

So, having been inspired how can we use that inspiration to help ourselves?

 Well our approach to squeezing movement and exercise into our day can be guided by the approach of the children. They don’t worry about getting things wrong, not quite counting correctly or not being able to quite keep up or indeed not being very good, they just try again. No judgement no guilt they simply have another go.

The benefits to healing from squeezing exercise in are well documented and it is simply an essential part of preventing conditions from worsening or from happening in the first place.

Club Squeeze In's Healthy Living Booklet is a superb resource to help you really kick start your exercise and movement routine, there are explanations of exercises to suit everyone and suggested sessions, so you don’t need to think too hard about what to do. You can simply decide that today is the day I am going to squeeze some movement in and just like those millions of kids you can enjoy just having a go! 

It shouldn’t feel like a chore and it shouldn’t feel like a test, you are doing something that will benefit you physically and help you heal and just as importantly is incredibly good for your mental wellbeing.

So please have a go at some of the suggestions in the booklet and see if you can make a difference for yourself, I know a lot of children who would be very proud of you.

Take care


Paul Grayson is a former professional rugby union player who represented Northampton Saints, England and the British and Irish Lions. He remains the all-time leading points scorer for Northampton Saints and is a hall of fame member.

To sign up to Club Squeeze In for hints and tips to improve your leg health and to download your copy of the Health Living Booklet click here.

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