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Top 10 benefits of compression

Wearing compression offers multiple benefits to help keep your legs and feet healthy to support everyday living

Compression garments are the gentle application of graduated compression to aid venous return. These can include compression socks or stockings, tights and wraps, that offer multiple benefits to help keep your legs and feet healthy to support everyday living.

Relieves tired, achy legs

Compression garments can help to improve and relieve symptoms such as swollen, tired, or achy legs at the end of the day.

Supports your veins

Compression garments support your veins by helping improve venous return to the heart, preventing the backflow of blood.

Reduces symptoms during pregnancy

During pregnancy, swelling in the limbs increases along with the risk of developing venous disease. Wearing compression helps to manage and prevent these symptoms. Did you know that during pregnancy you can receive compression hosiery for free from your GP? Ask your GP for more information.

Look and feel great to wear

Compression socks, stockings and hosiery look and feel great to wear, and can be worn with your normal footwear.

Contains swelling

Did you know that swelling in the limbs, known medically as chronic oedema, is contained and reduced when wearing compression.

Prevents disease progression

Compression garments have been proven to prevent venous disease from progressing. If you are unsure if you have any signs and symptoms of venous disease, check out our common conditions to look out for, or speak to your GP or pharmacist.

Reduces recurrence

Wearing compression post leg ulcer healing has been proved to reduce the risk of an ulcer recurring by helping to manage venous and lymphatic insufficiencies. For more information contact our friendly customer solutions team.

Keeps legs healthy

Did you know that jobs that require long periods of standing or sitting may increase your risk of developing symptoms of venous disease, such as varicose veins? Wearing compression can reduce this risk and help to keep your legs healthy.

Supports everyday activities

Compression can be worn to support your legs during everyday activities such as; for sports, when exercising, at work, when flying or travelling etc.

A range of styles

A range of compression styles are available to suit your personal preferences. L&R offer a great range of colours and styles for men and women that are easy to wear, apply and virtually impossible to tell apart from regular socks, stockings and tights. View our compression range here.

If you’re new to compression or have concerns about your legs or feet, please talk to your GP or pharmacist for further advice on whether compression might be suitable for you.