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What can I do to better manage my lymphoedema?

Part 2 of our guest blog with Physiotherapist and Lymphoedema Practitioner, Lady Lymphoedema

What can I do to better manage my lymphoedema?

So, you have lymphoedema and wondering what you can do to set your (lymphie) self up for long term success? Behoooold, my top tips are listed below -

Seek an accurate diagnosis by a qualified health professional, then find yourself an equally qualified lymphoedema practitioner to get you started on the right treatment track (get this bit right and the below self-management stuff will be a whole lot easier…)

Look after your skin (to keep it hydrated and minimise the risk of infection)

Ensure that infection (cellulitis) is treated promptly (antibiotic guidelines for your GP can be found here)

Move your body (exercise is super important, so throw on some tunes and pick an activity that excites you!)

L&R have a feel good playlist on Spotify here.

Maintain a healthy weight (being overweight is bad news for the lymphatic system, so it’s important to keep your body as healthy as you can by exercising regularly, eating whole foods and seeking support where necessary from a qualified health professional)

Elevate the swollen area whenever possible (sofa, foam wedge, pillows under the mattress, random box filled with goodness-knows-what under your desk…get creative!)

Self lymphatic drainage (SLD) (ask your lymphoedema practitioner to teach you, and write down the steps so you can complete each day at home)

Compression pumps (it’s like having your lymphoedema practitioner in your living room…)

Wear compression garments (as recommended and measured by your lymphoedema practitioner…and don’t forget to replace them regularly to maintain their ‘stiffness’ )

Lymphoedema can be really well managed, when you know what to do. So, surround yourself with a good team, some well-fitting compression garments and for heaven’s sake, don’t forget your trousers! 

Blog post written by Lady Lymphoedema. Follow her on Instagram for more information and top tips around lymphoedema. 

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