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Why you need to renew your compression regularly

Did you know that you should renew your compression every 6 months?

It is recommended that you should renew or replace your compression socks, stockings, tights and wraps every 6 months.

Even well cared for compression garments will stretch and lose their elasticity over time.

Having more than one pair of compression and rotating them throughout the week can help prolong the life of the compression garment.

At L&R our compression stockings, tights and socks will deliver graduated compression for up to 100 washes.

We would recommend that you have 2-3 pairs, allowing you to wear, wash and dry your garments daily. This equates to your garments being replaced every 6 months

Many patients now choose to purchase extra pairs as many choices, colours and styles are now available, helping to match your choice of clothing and give you more options to suit your daily activities.

You can reorder your compression via our online webshop

Supporting you to renew your compression

At L&R, we are passionate about educating and supporting you to manage your health care needs. To ensure that you receive the correct treatment, best outcome and renew your garments at the right time, we have launched the Compression Reminder Service as part of Club Squeeze In.

Once activated the L&R Compression Reminder Service will automatically give you a nudge when it’s time to renew your compression socks, stockings, tights and wraps - 6 months from the date you started wearing your compression. 

We'll add it to our calendar, so you don't have to. Find out more.