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Ankle flare

A collection of tiny veins on the ankle or instep of the foot that show a reddish tone to the skin, which fade when pressed by a finger.


The leg veins work against gravity to return blood upwards to the heart. When the veins are not working as efficiently as they should, blood pools and stretches the blood vessels. This results in ankle flare.


See your nurse or GP for advice. If your legs are also swollen your nurse or GP may advise you to wear the type of compression therapy which reduces swelling as well as assisting blood flow. Try not to knock your legs and if you have any wounds which appear not to be healing, have them checked over by a healthcare professional.


Activa Class 2 compression hosiery works to push blood up the leg. A healthcare professional may prescribe ActiLymph hosiery if there is swelling in the legs.