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Swollen legs and feet

On occasion legs and ankles can become swollen and feel uncomfortable. This is known as oedema and it happens when fluid in our lower legs or feet has trouble returning back up through the body.


Mild swelling is caused by fluid accumulating in the legs and ankles. It can be caused by standing or remaining still for long periods, constriction from clothing and poor circulation. Mild swelling often improves by putting your legs up.


Try to maintain a healthy weight, take moderate exercises and try to avoid standing for a long period of time. When you put your feet up, try to ensure your toes are level with your nose. As legs can swell for a range of reasons, always see your nurse or GP who will diagnose the cause and give appropriate advice.


If the swelling is caused by poor circulation in your veins, then compression support can be very effective at pushing the excess fluid back into your blood stream. Keeping legs active and maintaining a healthy weight will help. Remember that leg exercises still work at keeping your blood moving, even when exercising sitting down!

ActiLymph or Adore products can help with swollen legs and feet.

Try these simple leg exercises designed to help your circulation.