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Johnny's Story

Johnny Vegas shares his story having seen, first-hand, what it is like to live with and manage a venous leg ulcer

Actor and comedian Johnny Vegas, has lent his support to L&R’s new Squeeze In campaign, having seen, first-hand, what it is like to live with and manage a venous leg ulcer through his beloved, late dad, Laurence.

Johnny witnessed first hand his dad’s struggle with coming to terms with his condition and his unusual unwillingness to talk about it. Johnny is passionate that more needs to be done to help people manage their lower limb conditions; to increase awareness and enable those with them to squeeze in everyday choices for healthy living.

Johnny has written an open letter to his dad, Laurence, about his commitment to raising awareness of lower limb conditions

If your relatives have had varicose veins, chronic oedema or a wound on their leg that doesn't heal easily, your risk of developing varicose veins or other lower limb conditions is increased. Our common conditions section can help you identify if you, a friend or family member, have any symptoms or are at risk and offers support on what to do next.

My dad and relatives on his side had poor circulation in the lower limbs, swollen legs and feet and broken skin. It could be on the horizon for me, so I need to get into better habits and adopt this as a routine, like brushing your teeth, standing on tiptoes going up and down, similar to aeroplane exercises.

Adapting your daily routine to include things like regular exercise, healthy eating and leg exercises can help prevent lower limb conditions developing or getting worse. 

If you are already experiencing symptoms of venous disease and are unsure what to do, please visit your GP, nurse or healthcare professional for support and advice. Addressing conditions and symptoms early is vital to ensure that your wound can heal more quickly, and you can still squeeze in the things that you love. Our Club Squeeze In goes into more detail about how you can make small changes to ensure that you are living your life to the full.

Please don’t take the attitude that you can just ‘walk it off’ or try to forget about it. Visit your doctor; ask for help – addressing issues early will really help in giving you tips on how you can work preventative measures into your daily routine.   

Has Johnny's story inspired you to squeeze in healthy choices? 

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*If you have concerns about your legs or feet, please talk to your GP, nurse or pharmacist for further advice.