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Staying cool during the summer

Increased heat and humidity can make your limb swell leaving you feeling uncomfortable

With the UK expecting a heat wave this August, it's important to take simple steps to help keep your legs and feet healthy. 

Increasing temperatures and humidity causes the blood vessels to expand (dilate). This makes us feel uncomfortable, dehydrated and can causes our legs, ankles and feet to fell puffy and swollen. Here are our top tips to help alleviate this feeling and keep us cool this summer!

Firstly, and most importantly - if you have been prescribed or advised or wear compression therapy, it is essential you continue to wear your compression! Many people associate wearing compression socks or stockings in the summer with feeling hot and sweaty. However, continuing to wear your compression during summer is one of the most important things that you can do. Maybe you could consider an open toe compression sock or stocking to help with breathability during summer.

Wearing compression helps to counteract poor blood flow back to your heart by applying the right amount of pressure to the veins in your legs. The most pressure is exerted at the ankle to encourage blood flow up the leg. Find out more about leg veins when wearing compression. 

Stay hydrated! Dehydration can occur when you use or lose more fluid than you take in. Throughout the day we can lose water through sweat and urination. If you have a leg wound or leg ulcer, fluid can be lost through watery discharge.

It is important that this fluid is replaced to ensure that we don’t become dehydrated, especially in the summer months. This can be helped through avoiding things like caffeine and alcohol, as both are diuretics, meaning they increase water loss through urine.

Here are some other things you can try to reduce leg swelling this summer:

  • Elevate your legs when sitting down
  • Leg exercises whilst wearing your compression
  • Stay in shaded areas or the coolest room in the house
  • Use a fan, or even a hand fan
  • Wash your legs in cold water in the morning and evening

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