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What are the different types of compression?

There are different types of compression choices for the treatment of lower limb conditions and leg ulcers.

If you have a lower limb condition or a leg ulcer, part of your treatment may include wearing compression therapy. There are different types of medical compression garments that you may be prescribed depending on the severity of your condition, underlying causes and personal preference. 

Your compression system should fit both your clinical and personal need and incorporate family and carers when possible. The most important part is that you work together with your healthcare professional to find the most suitable and comfortable treatment possible for you.  

Types of compression

Compression Bandaging 

Compression bandaging may be used as part of your treatment if you have a leg ulcer or if you have swelling present in your legs and will mostly be applied by your healthcare professional. Normally the bandage will be worn for a week at a time until your wound heals. If you have swelling, bandaging works to reduce this swelling quickly, so your healthcare professional may change your bandages more freqently to start with.

Wrap Systems

Wrap systems, such as ReadyWrap, are adjustable garments designed as easy-to-use compression with front fastening short straps for easier application and re-adjustment that can be worn with your normal footwear. Different pieces of the wrap system can be built up from your foot to your thigh depending on your condition. ReadyWrap can be applied by yourself, a carer or family member as part of self care.

Compression socks, stockings and tights

Compresion socks and stockings are specially designed to support the veins in your legs to support healthy living. They come in a range of styles such as thigh length, knee high, closed or open toe etc. and are virtually impossible to tell apart from regular socks, stockings and tights. Compression comes in different grades/ classes and will be prescribed dependant on your condition. Read more about compression classes here. Compression socks or stockings can be applied by yourself, a carer, or family member as part of self care.

Leg Ulcer Hosiery Kits

A leg ulcer hosiery kit is a 2 layer system that provides a firm level of compression for the treatment of venous leg ulcers. The kit comes with a silky closed toe liner, which is applied first, and an open toe compression sock that glides on over the silky liner. Hosiery kits are an ideal option for self care as you, a carer or family member, can apply the kit from home, reducing the need for regular doctors appointments and nurse visits.

To find out more about how compression works, visit our blog post.  

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