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Why it's good for nurses to wear compression

As a nurse your legs can sometimes feel tired and achy, and even swollen at the end of a busy day. Learn how wearing compression can help to relieve these symptoms

As nurses we are trained from day one to ‘look after’ our patients or clients. But how well do we look after our own health and wellbeing? I would argue, not very well!

Nurses and other health care professionals lead such busy lives, often juggling work, family and many other balls all at once and usually we are last on the list of priorities. 

We hear a lot about mental health wellbeing, having your flu jab ready to face the winter, but has anyone ever told you to look after your legs?

We are on our legs for many hours a day and I bet you have reached the end of the day and your legs may have become a little swollen, or they feel tired and achy. You may have seen a few varicose veins or some spider veins? This is the first sign that the veins in your legs are suffering from early signs of venous disease, and in particular venous hypertension.

So, I'm asking you to make a New Year's resolution to look after your legs!

There is something very easy you can do to help support your legs. Instead of wearing a normal pair of socks, consider wearing knee high compression socks or stockings (often known as compression hosiery) and give your legs a break! You will hardly know you are wearing them but your legs will thank you for it now and in the future.

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